Travelling with the whole family is always exciting but also requires a good preparation. With our family we like to discover different places in Europe and often use the car for this purpose. Since we have little kids the most practical for us is to cut the road into few stops before we reach our main destination. Like this we have a rest and enjoy some new places for 1-2 nights and may spend longer time at others.

One of the most important steps during the travel preparation is to find a right place to stay in. And if in the past we almost always used to find the hotel, now we find much more choice and nice and better priced option with airbnb service. For example during our last week trip through Luxembourg — France — Switzerland all 3 apartments we booked at airbnb and we were very happy with our temporary homes. The biggest advantage for us was the space (which is always bigger than just one hotel room) and the possibility to cook and eat sometimes at home.

And while there are more offers appearing with airbnb, the photos of those apartments are not always showing the advantage of the place: the space, the light, the equipment. This can be very frustrating and often creates a bad impression of the property although in the reality it looks much more attractive. I had this feeling myself a lot of times and I am persuaded that professional photos of the property are the must if the owner is interested into continuous renting and higher profit for the business.

I am helping the owners (sometimes even during our family travels) to present their apartments and houses in the best way possible: using the professional photography equipment and applying careful retouching of the images — I am delivering the series of photos which create positive impression, represent the reality and give a confidence to book the place.

Contact me if you need professional property photos to boost your business!

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